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About Us

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide grieving pet parents with a trusted resource to handle their pet with care, respect and integrity during the difficult process of saying goodbye and at a cost that does not add to their grief.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all pet parents will be able to say goodbye to their best friend with confidence in the after-life process.  

My name is Ellen Sellers and I created Angel Wings Pet Cremation in an effort to continue a God given, life-long passion of caring for animals. I have been bringing home needy animals since I was 5 years old and have the utmost respect for all living things. I have an MBA with a background in Marketing and Instructional Design. When I found myself single with grown children, I officially started pursuing my passion by starting Happy Hearts Animal Rescue Ranch in 2009. My experience in rescue for the last 9 years has revealed many things, but two of them are the incredible loving bond between a pet and their owner and the sad wide spread mistrust of the pet cremation industry. People have described to me how their grief increased during the process of saying goodbye to their beloved pet because they just didn't trust the cremation process completely. I personally found an individually owned cremation service in Illinois that I knew I could trust. I know what that trust meant to me and I wanted to give that peace of mind to pet parents in Missouri, so I started Angel Wings. I am committed to providing pet parents with a cremation process they can trust, knowing their best friend will be treated with love and respect throughout the cremation process.   

The cremation facility is located on the same property as the rescue. With low overhead, we’re able to offer cremation services at a price that doesn’t add to the grief of losing a pet. People on a tight budget love their pets just as much as anyone else and feeling unable to provide a proper after-life process for their best friend can add to the already overwhelming sorrow. 

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